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The Department of Catering Science Hotel Management at SMS College of Arts and Science  offers BSc Catering Science and Hotel Management course with an annual intake of 40 students.


Level Under Graduate
Course Duration & Exam 3 years / Semester Wise Exam
Eligibility Candidates should Passed in +2 with minimum 50% marks or equivalent, and candidates should be at least 17 years of age at the time of admission and the upper age limit is 25 years in most of the educational institutions.

List Of Courses

Part I Language 2 8
Part II English 2 8
Part III Core Course   14 42
Part III Core Practical Courses 7 26
Part III Allied Course 8 21
Part III Elective Courses 3 12
Part IV Skill Based Subject 3 9
Part IV Non-Major Elective 2 4
Part V Extension Activities 1 2
Part VI Project Training  1 4
Environmental  studies & Value Education  2 4
Total 45 140


List of courses:

  1. Food Production I
  2. Food & Beverage Service I
  3. Food Production II
  4. Food & Beverage Service II
  5. Food Production III
  6. Food & Beverage Service III
  7. Hotel Accounting
  8. Tourism & Marketing Management
  9. Food Production IV
  10. Food & Beverage Service IV
  11. Food & Beverage Management
  12. Food Production V
  13. Food Beaverage Service V

List of Practical:

  1. Food Production I
  2. Food & Beverage Service I
  3. Food Production I
  4. Food & Beverage Service I
  5. Food Production II
  6. Food & Beverage Service II
  7. Food Production II
  8. Food & Beverage Service II
  9. Computer Applications in Hotel Industry
  10. Food Production III
  11. Food & Beverage Service III

List of Allied:

  • House Keeping Management I
  1. House Keeping Management
  2. House Keeping Management II
  3. House Keeping Management
  4. House Keeping Management
  5. Front Office Operations
  6. Front Office Operations II
  7. Front Office Operations
  8. Bar Management
  9. Bar Management Practical

Core Project:

  1. Industrial Exposure Training Report

List of Skill Based:

  • Bakery & Confectionery I
    1. Bakery & Confectionery Practical
    2. Bakery & Confectionery II
  • Bakery & Confectionery Practical

List of Elective:

  1. Elective I
  2. Elective II
  3. Elective III


The B. Sc. Catering Science and Hotel Management program describe accomplishments that graduates are expected to attain within five to seven years after graduation
PEO1To demonstrate high standards with regard to performance in the hotel industry adopting value-based and ethical practices.
PEO2To gain exposure and expertise in the diversified fields of hospitality and catering industries.
PEO3To inculcate holistic implementation of knowledge and gain experience and competence in the operations of hospitality sector.
PEO4To perform with competence and confidence in the hospitality industry at the global level.
PEO5To work effectively as an individual, and as a member of a team or leader in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.
PEO6To hone individual creativity and innovation skills.
PEO7To develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills
PEO8To demonstrate the ability to develop, examine, question and explore perspectives or alternatives to problems in hospitality operations
PEO9To demonstrate community involvement.
PEO10To conduct researches concerning hotel and restaurant development programe.
After the successful completion of B. Sc. Catering Science and Hotel Management program, the students are expected to
PSO1To acquire technical skills in the core areas of the hotel and other hospitality sectors
PSO2To adopt professional techniques and use tools competently in the preparation, presentation and service of quality foods
PSO3To work in a sustainable manner as per trends and issues in the interdependent hospitality sectors
PSO4To understand the functions of non-core departments like accounts, human resource, marketing, etc
PSO5To pertain the acquired knowledge to manage and evaluate functional systems in hospitality industry
PSO6To endorse sustainable environment and corporate social responsibility initiatives as well as ethical practices in the hospitality business
PSO7To induce appropriate technologies to enhance the quality and delivery of hospitality services and to measure the effectiveness of hospitality operations.
On successful completion of the B. Sc. Catering Science and Hotel Management program
PO1Performs work activities effectively and efficiently to the standards expected in the operation required in the hospitality sectors
PO2Respond to issues and dilemmas arising in the delivery of hospitality services, by using and promoting ethical behavior and best practices of corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability.
PO3To formulate and integrate contemporary solutions and techniques of culinary science and management practices.
PO4Plan, develop, market and manage hospitality establishments in the international marketplace using contemporary hospitality management concepts
PO5Employ technological tools and strategies including relevant hospitality and business systems to support business functions and decisions
PO6Demonstrate the ability to use professional written and oral communication skills and technology to successfully communicate and report.
PO7To support an industry and workplace service culture by adopting a positive attitude and professional decorum, accommodating diverse and special needs, and contributing as a team member.
PO8Develop professional ethics, provide leadership, demonstrate personal and global responsibility and work effectively.
PO9Develop critical thinking skills and apply them to solve complex Problems
PO10Elevate leadership, teamwork, and relationship management skills, organizational behavior, employment standards, and human rights to contribute to a positive work environment.