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Cheran College of Physiotherapy (Affiliated with the Dr.MGR Medical University – Chennai) established in the year 1993 offers a challenging and innovative learning experience that supports the student to transform into a patient-cantered physiotherapist, and competent in the profession.
We set up a creative pathway for educating the students, which makes us identify as an established physiotherapy college in Coimbatore. Well, excel-experienced signals impart Valuable training to achieve the high-end academic knowledge that sets up a standard in the physiotherapy domain. Students are trained as experts to preserve the well-being of society. The teaching process is carried out in various forms, such as practical learning, clinical learning, and peer group learning.
Our institution strongly insists that physiotherapists contribute exceptional efforts to eliminate injury, speedy recovery, and restore movement. The study of physiotherapy degree educates students about agony rising in different parts of the human body under various circumstances. It is the holistic responsibility of the physiotherapist to induce improvement changes in the patient’s life with the systematic treatment approach.
Our college integrates the industrial expert’s knowledge accompanied by the traditional methods of treating pain. This free produces an advanced physio-therapeutic practice that develops a healthy society.

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